The Subsea ROVs ID line is being developed with a focus on inspection operations conducted at depths of up to 300 meters, having ROVs for specific applications and a versatile platform for tool adaptations.

ID Subsea products are developed by professionals with extensive experience in the ROV market. They use high quality standards and are the sophisticated combination of technology and experience.

The sensors in this line are designed for easy field use. With intuitive interfaces and convenient installation, they are suitable products for a successful operation.


About Us

Given the global scenario of recession that directly interferes in the Oil and Gas market, it was necessary to search for solutions to the strong financial impact suffered by the industry. Aware of the economic importance of the nationalization of products and services, ID Subsea emerges as a fully Brazilian company, providing underwater components and peripherals with an emphasis on ROV, manufactured entirely in Brazil, with quality equal to or higher than the foreign competition, but with prices below Currently practiced in the market.




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