Sponsorship of projects:

Subsea ID products are under development. Therefore, we seek partners who are interested in participating and investing in the design of prototypes and production of the projects in progress.

Field tests and demos:

During development we seek to make sure that the products will meet the expectations and requirements of the market, therefore we involve customers and partners in product performance tests, aiming at suggestions and evaluation of our end user and target market.

Relation with universities:

The "Mini ROV Viper Fish" project was born out of the cooperation between the MACSEA and USP institutions (University of São Paulo) and culminated in the delivery of a necessary tool for the training of postgraduate students of the petroleum engineering course linked to NAP-USP, In subsea robotic operations.

StartUps Accelerators:

We seek today, join and participate in acceleration programs, believing that due support and guidance would bring ID-SUBSEA planning and structuring necessary for sustainable growth.

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